Me and my husband took a trip to Dallas to visit some of his family. We had never been there before and they had recently moved there within the past year. They usually don’t go out to eat, but while we were there, we wanted to check out the options available. We found a few restaurants while driving through town that we wanted to try, but before we went, we wanted to look at the reviews that are available. I looked at Yelp to see what restaurants had the best reviews. I found so many around that were rated 4 stars. We couldn’t figure out what type of food we wanted, but just wanted to go somewhere good. We found a restaurant close by that everyone agreed to go to.

Well, my husband ran into a remodeling contractor he knew from Cleveland. He was a super nice guy and told us lots of funny stories about his business. I linked his company in case anyone is in the midwest and needs a guy. Anyway, all of us enjoyed our food and would definitely return to eat there again. I am glad we looked at Yelp to check the ratings before going. I even went back to the website and left a review for the restaurant. It was clean, the food was good and the prices were reasonable. My husband’s family has found their new favorite place to eat now.