One of the things I love most about my job is the fact that it affords me amazing opportunities to travel. My employment duties have sent me across the globe in the past few years, from Asia to Europe and back again. I have also gotten to visit a significant portion of the United States, an experience that has been invaluable to me. Being that I am what most people refer to as a foodie, the chance to sample all sorts of regional cuisines is something I truly relish.

Last month, I received word that I would be traveling across Texas for ten days visiting a number of my company’s most important clients. Being that it was my first time visiting the state, I was exciting to check out all of the dining options available to me. Since Dallas would be my home base for most of the trip, I immediately started researching where the locals love to eat.

I will say that San Antonio comes a close second. I ate at an amazing steak house on the RiverWalk with a good friend of mine, the owner of Pure Water Tech SA. He bought dinner, so maybe that influenced my opinion, but dang that steak was delicious.

Now that I am back home, I have been raving nonstop about Dallas restaurants and their impressive variety as well as quality. The vastness of the food landscape in Texas was a pleasant surprise, and Dallas left me dazzled!