There is one thing in my life that I love most above all of the other things that I do, and that is eating out in restaurants in Dallas. Well, I like eating out anywhere, but as I live in Dallas, I use the restaurants here the most. When I was young, and we are talking a few decades ago, there was not that much diversity when it came to what kind of food was available in Dallas. We did have many diners and burger bars, as well as the occasional foreign food restaurant, but that was about all the choice that we had.

These days, it is unbelievable the number of foreign and local cuisine that is available. Last week I had to go to a business meeting, and then we ate at a French restaurant. I had never eaten food from that country before, but I will definitely do so again in the future. Last week I had Thai with friends, and the week before that an Indian. We also have food from many other Asian and European countries. I particularly like the Malaysian and Vietnamese curries. There is so much to see, do and eat in Dallas, I will never get bored of the city.